The Magix line enables sewing automation on an even larger scale than the Multiplex SA line. Not only does the Magix line perform in-line gathering and sewing, it can also automatically unload sewn book blocks and convey them to an automatic palletizer or backlining machine.

The Magix line consists of an MX gathering machine and up to five Aster book sewing machines with automatic loading and unloading. The sewing machines can be Aster 180, Aster 220C or Aster 220 SA, in standard or large size (51). Such a high number of sewing machines enables the Magix line to produce enough book blocks per minute to make a direct connection with a book finishing line economically viable.

Number of machines in the line 2 to 5
Minimum size (book block) 100 x 150 x 5 mm
Max. size Bombix (book block) 320 x 420 x 100 mm
Max. size Bombix 51 (book block) 320 x 510 x 100 mm

Magix in detail

The Magix unloading system requires no set-up. The slip-torque conveyors provide smooth transport of stacked book; they also act as buffer zone between the line and Down-stream equipment.


The Magix line is easily connected directly to a pallettizer or a finishing line.